Touching the Mirror

Touching the Mirror

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Rebbie at YOFA blog wrote an article called "Touching the Mirror". She said, this is what usually happens: we hold an ice cream cone in our left hand in front of a mirror. We see the ice cream cone and reach toward the mirror with our right hand. We press and push on the mirror, trying to get the yummy treat. We find we cannot extract ice cream from the mirror.

We get angry and depressed.

The turning point is when we realize that the thing we want & desire (ice cream cone) is NOT in the mirror (the outer world). The truth is, we have been holding the ice cream cone in our own hands all long. That's when transformation happens and we become empowered. All we have to do, is to look within us, and realize that we possess the infinite power within us to achieve anything our hearts desire.

It's so simple, yet profound.

What kind of ice cream cone have you been holding and DYING to have a bite? What can you do now so that you will FINALLY be able to taste the ice cream cone that's been yours all along?

Touching the Mirror
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